My Personal Battle: A Fight for Better Education Part 1

When my oldest daughter was in the fourth grade, she started a new school. I had been lucky enough to get her re-assigned to a school near where I worked, a halfway decent primary school where she excelled. But I wasn’t working when she entered fourth grade due to the birth of my second daughter, so she entered a school district that I knew nothing about.

It was a bad fit from the start. My daughter ended up stapling papers and doing other busy work because she would finish her school work long before her classmates. She was forced to run laps during recess along with the rest of the class, who hadn’t behaved properly.

My first attempt at change was to call the assignment office, but I was told that I couldn’t change schools after the school year had started. After many calls and heated conversations with the head of the assignment office, I was told that the only way I could move my daughter out of her current school was to put her in a magnet school. I had three options, all of which I toured before putting in the application, which had to be approved before she could move.

During the waiting period, I had a shock. My daughter was in her room one night writing “valentines,” one of which said something about someone having sex with someone else and liking it. Of course I was concerned and took those concerns to her teacher and her principle. I also asked the principle for help in moving her to a school that may be a better fit for her. While I was there I was told that my daughter had been writing notes in class stating something to the effect that she wanted to kill her sister, and counseling was recommended. I also found out that the note had been written two weeks prior and no one had informed me of it at the time. I left the school frustrated and in tears, completely fed up with the entire system.

Why did the school not tell me about something so important until I had said something about moving my daughter out of their school? Why did I have to fight for an entire quarter, a nine week period, to get my daughter moved to a school where she would actually be learning something? Why should I have to fight anyone at all? And is my daughter actually learning something where she is at now?

My frustration with our education system continues to grow and grow, and not just because of this incident. I entered college a little over a year ago to try to get a teaching license. I changed majors because I didn’t believe in the philosophy of children that was being taught to me. The major I switched to, psychology, taught the exact same philosophy. At this point, the whole thing has me frustrated and enraged.

My personal battle now is to research our education system and discover and impliment a new way to teach our children. My research has already led me to several very scary facts about our current public education system that I will be sharing with you through several more posts. I hope that you pay attention. And I hope that any like-minded people will join me in finding a way to save the future of our children and bring the rights of the parents back to them and take those rights out of the hands of the government and its employees.

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