The Ring

No, don’t get all excited. This isn’t the ring. No one will see the ring until I have it on my hand – which I don’t. The ring doesn’t look anything like this.

But yes, this past weekend my boyfriend and I looked at rings. As far as I know it was a very spur-of-the-moment thing, suggested by my boyfriend because we were at the mall. Sometimes he can be a little sneaky, though. I wouldn’t put it past him to have had it planned.

At any rate, I was sufficiently flustered by the suggestion to be almost incoherent when we sat down to look at rings. But when I found the one that I liked, something strange happened. I gained a rare moment of clarity:

I sat looking at the ring – the beauty, the way the light reflected off of it, the way it sat in its setting – and as I did, I began thinking about all of the work that it took to make that ring. The time it took to form the diamond, the work of the miners to dig it out of the ground, the skill of the diamond cutter, and the work of the jeweler in making the ring and setting the diamond. I also thought about the many controversies that surround diamonds.

This may seem like a put-off to some, and an extremely odd line of thinking for such a time as looking at engagement rings, but for me, it made the event much more significant. “This man loves me so much that he is willing to pay for the time, hard work, and skill of the many people that it took to make this beautiful piece of jewelry.” In that moment I felt how much he loved and cared for me, and I was able to look at this experience in a new light – a light of total appreciation. I did not take it for granted, as I admit I did when we first walked in to the jewelry store. It took on a whole new level of magnitude, and when the time comes for me to wear the ring, it will keep that significance – all because of a few moments of reflection and clarity in the jewelry store.

By Wyndsong Magickal Arts Posted in Personal

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