The Pitfalls of Punishments and Rewards

I have become very interested in the topic of punishments and rewards since implementing a classroom management program that does not use either one. Today I discovered the writings of Alfie Kohn, an ex-teacher and proponent of Progressive education. He has written about the hazards of teaching using punishments and rewards.

Here is an interview he did with Ron Brandt in 1995 about punishments and rewards.

6 comments on “The Pitfalls of Punishments and Rewards

    • Matzpen –

      Unions are part of the problem! Nothing can be reformed because the teacher’s unions are holding everyone in limbo, protesting anything that could be called reform. In their defense, though, the “reforms” that are being suggested are anything but. No Child Left Behind is a joke, a push in the same direction we’ve been going. What education needs is REAL reform.

      Education reform has nothing to do with paying teachers less and making them suffer. It has everything to do with creating a new curriculum that will actually be effective. No one wants to see teachers get paid less than they deserve, and if they were being taught better systems of classroom management they wouldn’t have to be working so hard. I teach myself, and I know the difference between the classroom strategies that are the norm and ones that are ultra-effective. And with the kind of research I’ve been doing lately, I’ve seen some suggestions that would be real reform. They are out there!

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