My First Day Teaching an Emergent Curriculum – Exploring Ice

Today was an exciting day for my class. Not only did our home living receive a makeover (it looks much more realistic now!) but we started our first child-directed project today!

When I arrive at work, the first thing my class does is go outside. I was somewhat hesitant about taking them outside today because it was pretty cold, but I figured that a little outside time was better than none, so we loaded up with containers to collect items for nature-inspired art and out we went.

Plans changed and gelled quickly once we got outside, though. There was ice at the bottom of the slides! We pondered how that ice got there and came up with some hypotheses (unfortunately our camera isn’t working right now, or I would have pictures!). I was hurriedly scribbling all of the comments down for later documentation, too. Some of the comments were great, like “The ice must have fallen from the sky!”

We took the ice inside and put it in a plastic tub. I told the kids that it was going to change, and asked them how they thought it would change. The dominant opinion was that it was going to change colors. They kept watch over the ice for the majority of the morning, convinced that it would turn brown (there was a LOT of dirt on that ice). It wasn’t until after nap time that most of the ice was melted and we got to see that it had turned into water.

Tomorrow we are going to make our own ice, and I am going to show the kids that the water has to get REALLY cold before it will turn into ice. We will leave one ice tray in the classroom, put one in the refrigerator, and one in the freezer.

Oh, this is so fun!

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