Kids On Ice

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I heard it as soon as I walked in the door this morning:

“My mom is taking me to see ‘Toy Story on Ice’ tonight after school.”

“I’m going to see ‘Toy Story on Ice’ too!”

“You’re not going with me. My mom is taking me.”

“I’m not going with you – my grandpa is taking me!”

So this was the buzz of the day. It was great, though, because I knew exactly what we could do with this topic:

“How would you like it if we did our own “Disney on Ice”? We could take our shoes off and ‘skate’ around the classroom!”

ALL of the kids were really excited about the idea, until I turn on Tchaikovsky’s “Nutcracker Suite”.

“Ms. Sarah, this is naptime music!” (I love classical music, and we usually listen to it at naptime.)

So I explained to them that it was actually a ballet, and ballerinas dance to these songs. Well, that excited them to no end, so they had fun being skating ballerinas to the music.

We also did another color-mixing project today, and it is another project that I saw on someone else’s blog but forgot which blog I saw it on. I get a lot of different education blogs fed into my reader, and usually I look at them really early in the morning when I have woken up and can’t go back to sleep. But if you recognize the project and know that you were the one who posted it, I hope that you know that I appreciate it to no end!

Anyway, I set out some baby food jars with paint in them, primary colors (I read somewhere that using baby food jars helps the kids because they can see the colors that they are working with, and they can practice using the paint brushes in the smaller jars and not make such a big mess). The kids painted one hand one color and made a handprint on one side of the paper. Then they painted the other hand another color and made a handprint on the other side of the paper. Then they rubbed their hands together until the colors were mixed and made handprints with the mixed colors in the middle. Oh, they loved this project! A lot of them are getting really good at knowing what color they are making when they mix specific colors. But even the ones who knew the colors that they were making wanted to do it over and over and over again. It made the afternoon go by really quickly.

While I was busy monitoring the use of the paint, I noticed some kids earnestly working together in the block area. I called over to them and asked them what they were making. “A house,” they answered. It absolutely warmed my heart that those particular kids were working so well together on that project. It showed me that the the changes that I have made in classroom management and working on projects together has really paid off, and I am so proud of my kids for the work that they are doing!

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