“Whatcha Doin’?”

I am consistently amazed at how different my two daughters are. My youngest was talking on the phone to her grandma last night, and the first thing she said when she got the phone on her ear was, “Whatcha doin’?” Then she proceeded to tell a story about school, talk about the weather – she seemed to hold her own during the conversation because it almost sounded like she brought these topics up first. And when she wanted to end the conversation, she said, “I’ll call you later, bye.”

So much different from my oldest when she was that age. She wouldn’t talk to save her life, and the people on the other end of the line were hard-pressed to figure out a topic of conversation that would elicit a response. And when she was done, she would just hand the phone back to me, and I would have to explain to the friend or relative (who was usually still talking away) that she had decided that she was done talking.

I love noticing the differences between them and appreciating that, even though they have the same parents, they are still their own people!

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