The Things Kids Say

This morning I was taking kiddo, my youngest, to the daycare, and we passed by her father’s apartment complex.

“That is where my daddy’s old house was,” she said.

“Right, and now he has a new house there,” I said.

“Yes, daddy moved out of his old house so that he could get a new aparkament.”

“You’re right, daddy got a new apartment.”

“No, mommy!” she said. “Daddy got an aparkament!”

“Right. He got an apartment.”

“No mommy! You’re saying it wrong! Say it with me: a-park-a-ment!”

You are saying it wrong! It isn’t ‘a-park-a-ment,’ its ‘apartment’.”

“No, mommy. That’s not right. Its ‘aparkament. Its in spanish.”

Well, I obviously wasn’t going to win this battle, and after that I was just focused on how so darn cute she was (and stubborn, too). So I let her have this one.

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