Going Back to School

Its time. I’m not sure why now is the time, but it is.

Actually, I do know why now is the time. When you study and learn on your own and you become so full of wonderful ideas, only to be shot down and made to feel like those ideas don’t matter, that is the time. When you struggle to make sense of educational philosophies that matter, and find out that those philosophies that you once scoffed at actually make sense, that is the time. When you try to apply a philosophy in your classroom, working with a company who touts that philosophy, and find out that the company doesn’t really want it that way, that is the time.

It is time for an expanding of my horizon, an opening to new opportunities. The only way that will happen for me in this, my chosen career, is to go back to school. It will be a long journey, and I will probably write a lot about it. One thing is for sure: I am looking forward to every minute of it.

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