My New Classroom

A couple of weeks ago my new director approached me about opening a new classroom in the building for the younger two’s. Although I haven’t worked with kids that young in a long time I jumped at the opportunity. Two weeks later I am still jumping! I have a small class right now, and in the fall I may not have a class at all when they move up, but for the moment I am in heaven. We have been working on shapes and colors and doing several projects. Our first major project last week consisted of comparing wet sand and dry sand. I don’t think those kids have had many opportunities to play in sand because they kept talking about how “yucky” the sand was. We have moved on to bubbles this week, and are having a water play day. I will be providing a big tub of bubble solution, some whisks, and some bubble wands for them to play with.

Having my own classroom again has been very rewarding, and after two weeks the children and I are finally starting to get used to each other and our rhythms. I am curious to see what the rest of the summer has to offer.

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