Obsessed With Art

I have become obsessed with art in the classroom. I guess that’s because art can transfer to anything else in the classroom. We did some experimenting with cornstarch and water last week and now my kids can’t get enough. The first thing they asked for on Monday was cornstarch. I am working on a permanent reusable natural collage for the classroom that I think will be a huge hit. I am going to get my kids involved in a color mixing activity involving colored water and eye droppers.

I had a nice fusion of art and other areas in my old classroom. My director would walk into the classroom and be astonished to see children with clipboards and crayons in the housekeeping area: “I don’t know why she has crayons over there! They aren’t supposed to be over there!” I would smile and shrug and say, “They are making shopping lists.”

The challenge for me now is to create that same fusion with a younger group of children. There will be a lot of education involved as to the proper use of crayons, but I think it can be done. One thing I worry about is when the children move out of my classroom. When the children move out of my classroom they won’t have the opportunity to fuse their exploration in such a way, and that may cause some confusion and frustration. I don’t want to create a losing situation for the children in my classroom, but I want to give them every opportunity to explore their world.

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