Different Perspectives

I found this post about rainbows, and it made an interesting point: not everyone sees the same rainbow:


So after watching this video I realized that, just as everyone does not see the same rainbow, everyone does not get the same thing from an experience – any experience. I can watch the same movie that you do, at the same time that you watch it, but because we are different people coming from different perspectives and have different backgrounds, we will both walk away from the movie with a different attitude about it.

We need to remember this in our classrooms. The children in our classrooms come in with different backgrounds and different experiences with which to build off of. In anything that they experience, they will come out of the experience with a different perspective than another child will.

For this reason it is important to get children together and talk about experiences, so that they can gain an understanding of this important fact. But not only do they need to understand that people have different perspectives than their own, but they need to learn that they can learn something from those different perspectives. While they may have gotten something profound from an experience, someone else may have gotten something else profound from it. If we share this information with each other, we have increased our knowledge by two profound perspectives. We may have even created a friendly network from the experience, as well.

The things you learn from rainbows, huh?


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