Gain a Sense of Direction

Recently I wrote a post about writing down goals in order to be successful at fulfilling them. However, that was only part of the advice that I wanted to give.

As you know – if you have been reading this blog with any kind of regularity – I am in the process of creating a workshop for teachers in early childhood education. The experience has been very thrilling because I am going back and doing many things that I should have done the first time I tried to create this workshop. The main thing that I have done is gained a sense of direction for the workshop, and I have done this by writing everything down. Not just the goal of doing the workshop or what the different workshop sessions will be generally based on, but the direction of each session and what I want the participants to gain from it.

It hasn’t just been thrilling, but very eye-opening as well. As a teacher I see the impact that gaining a sense of direction has on the quality of the lesson and the information that I want to relay. I can see how important it is in any teaching capacity in order to be truly effective. It is a lot of work, but all of the work has been worth it because I am creating something that is truly magical and inspirational to share with others. And that is how our classrooms for children should be as well: magical and inspirational. It is worth the time and effort of the teacher to provide this for their students.

I am a big proponent of emergent curriculum and project-based learning. When implementing any of these teaching strategies in the classroom, planning and direction is a must.

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