Thank You For Reminding Me About What Is Important

My first day at work was amazing. So amazing, in fact, that after I wrote my last post I went into planning overdrive. My brain would not stop running. I looked up ideas and pinned a bunch of stuff on Pinterest. But I didn’t write anything down, so at three o’clock in the morning I woke up and could not go back to sleep. I got up and wrote everything down, but by the time I was done with that it was time to get ready for work.

I am at the end of day two and I am exhausted. And I pretty much spent the morning sitting in orientation (which means my exhaustion is from lack of sleep).

I was really concerned about my frame of mind because I knew that it wasn’t right. Here it was, day two, and I was frantic about things that I probably didn’t need to be frantic about. I made the decision to sit down with the director and talk to her about it. And I’m glad I did, because she reminded me about what is really important.

She said, “I know where you are coming from, believe me. You are coming from a place where the lesson plan is the most important thing. But here things are different. Your primary focus right now should be building relationships with the children and learning about them. The lesson plan is secondary.”

The conversation was long and a lot more involved and there were several things that I took away from it, but this was the most important. After all, I have known and have said that relationships are the most important thing before. But I have gotten away from that mentally. I have come from a place where the lesson plans and learning activities are the most important thing. And while I have always had great relationships with the children in my classes, it hasn’t been the focus of my time. The focus of my time has been to teach and ensure that children are learning what the assessments have shown that they need to learn.

No more. It is time to relax and return to the reason why I enjoy what I do so much: the relationships with the children. Sharing experiences with them and being present with them. That is what is most important. I am thankful that I found a teaching environment that will help me get back to that, and I am thankful for the director for helping me gain that focus again.

2 comments on “Thank You For Reminding Me About What Is Important

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