What Is Project: Preschool?


Project: Preschool came about due to all of the information that I have learned doing independent research. I wanted to develop a forum in which educators could come together and voice their opinions, frustrations, innovations, ideas, and general feelings about the direction of Early Childhood Education. Through Project: Preschool, I offer workshops on many topics ranging from How Children Learn Through Play to Encouraging Creativity. These workshops differ from many of the Early Childhood workshops that I have attended in that the participants have more of a voice and are more instrumental in the direction the workshops take, rather than just listening to someone else dispense information. Through this exchange of ideas, workshop participants gain more freedom to exercise their own creativity and are able to learn from everyone involved, not just from one person. Project: Preschool is currently operating in the Greensboro, NC area, although I am looking into the possibility of offering workshops online in the future. Project: Preschool can also be found on Facebook.

Uplifting Freedom is an extension of Project: Preschool in that it provides a place for me to dive deeper into topics that interest me and that are offered as workshops.

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