A New Idea for My Table

I posted on my Twitter account recently that I have rather large table in my classroom with an inch-tall lip around the edge. It had been displaying a “Little People” town for the children to play with, but since this type of toy isn’t in line with the policy of the company I work for, and since it does very little to promote actual creativity and imagination in the children who play with it, I took it out of the classroom.

Which left me with a rather large table with an inch-tall lip around the edge.

What in the world was I going to do with this table? First I tried to put rice on the table so that the children could use it to “write” letters, but what actually happened was that the rice ended up on the floor. So I looked at the table and I pondered and eventually I came up with… an art-drying table. Imaginative, huh?

It actually wasn’t too bad of an idea, but what I didn’t like about it was that the table wasn’t really being utilized for anything that would cause the children to learn something or do something. All that was happening was that they were putting their finished art on the table to dry.

And then inspiration struck. What if I put paint on the table instead of rice? Kids LOVE to play in paint, and they can write whatever they want in it and make designs and get their hands dirty!

But that wasn’t the only idea…

My big problem was the lip around the table. That lip was what made every idea that I came up with seemingly impossible. But then I saw a picture in a book of children’s weavings that inspired me. What if I string yarn or ribbon across the top of the table-top, tape it to the outside of the lip with duct tape (the tape would have to be pretty strong so that the kids wouldn’t tear the yarn off while making their creations) and let the children weave yarn or ribbon through it? It could be our weaving table!

I am so excited about this idea that I may try to implement it when I get to school this afternoon. I would do it right now, but unfortunately my own children are getting over being sick, so I’m stuck at home for now.