Building Positive Relationships: Developing Entrepreneurship

I made another interesting Twitter find this week: the American Society for Innovation Design in Education, or ASIDE. The ASIDE blog┬áhas many ideas for innovation in the classroom. This week they have featured an article about teaching entrepreneurship, an idea that was brought up by the International Society for Technology in Education’s LinkedIn group. The ASIDE blog post for August 10th addresses the question of whether or not entrepreneurial skills should be taught in schools.

This question is important to building positive relationships because autonomy is one of the hallmarks of interest and motivation as it relates to being creative. Being an entrepreneur relies heavily on one’s ability to do things for oneself and being responsible enough to handle the freedom of being autonomous. Entrepreneurship requires all of the skills that we have been discussing, and is another strong argument for creativity in the classroom.

ASIDE blog – Entrepreneurship and Schools


Inspirational Quote

I ran into a quote in the book “Manage Your Day-to-Day: Build Your Routine, Find Your Focus, & Sharpen Your Creative Mind”. This quote really spoke to me because of my baby, Project: Preschool. I have been working on Project: Preschool for about a year, but I haven’t gotten very far with it. Most of that can be contributed to stress in my personal life, but most of that stress is resolved now, so that shouldn’t be an issue any more. But I digress:

People sabotage themselves because the alternative is to put themselves into the world as someone who knows what they are doing. They are afraid that if they do that, they will be seen as a fraud. It’s incredibly difficult to stand up at a board meeting and say, “I know how to do this. Here is my work. It took me a year. It’s great.”
This is hard for two reasons: (1) it opens you to criticism and (2) it puts you into the world as someone who knows what you are doing, which means that tomorrow you also have to know what you are doing, and you have just signed up for a lifetime of knowing what you are doing.
– Seth Godin

This quote spoke to me because it is true. It is exactly what goes through my head when I write a workshop and try to figure out how to market it. And I am actually glad to know that I am not the only person who goes through this type of self-doubt. Now I hope that I can push myself beyond that.