The Delights of Researching Progressive Education

I am constantly and consistently amazed at the stories I am coming across during my research of Progressive early childhood education. My research has been focused on the Reggio Emilia educational approach today, as I discovered that this is the approach that the company I work for is implementing. Funny that I didn’t realize this before, what with all of the curriculum trainings I have been through during the past two years; I had to go on their website to discover it (once you put a name to it like “Reggio Emilia” the easier it seems to be to implement it correctly). Not to worry, though – my research has born wonderful fruit.

Here are some excerpts of my findings:

An example of a child-directed activity (this is so cool!)

A look at classroom environment – inspiration for my own classroom (especially the photograph frame – I really want to figure out how to make one of those, since that is a natural-looking depiction of one of the classroom structures that I need for my adventures in Conscious Discipline!)

In short, I have figured out that I have a LOT of work to do on my classroom, but I already knew that. I have been spending most of my holiday time trying to come up with better classroom organization techniques, and these photographs and the knowledge that I have gained so far have helped immensely.