Creativity Fueled By Passion

Through the course of creating my workshop Encouraging Creativity in the Classroom I have pondered over the definition of creativity. Sir Ken Robinson defines creativity as “the process of having original ideas that have value”. I wanted to incorporate the different aspects that I have seen and experienced that are inherent in the process of creativity, so I created this definition:

Creativity is an idea which, when combined with the proper energy, inspires action to develop something that has value.

Even though the word is not present in the definition, I believe passion to be the “proper energy”. In fact, if I were quoting my definition outside the context of a workshop, I would probably substitute “proper energy” for “passion”. However, this definition was created with an eye toward presentation, so that is how it stands.

Do you find yourself creative mostly in the realm of an area that you feel passionate about? I was contemplating this as I wrote my last post, because I watch people as they talk about different things. The things that they feel the most passionate about are usually the ones in which their eyes light up as they talk about it, and they have more knowledge about it because of their passion towards it. I am sure that, if I take a closer look at people’s passions and where they feel the most creative in their lives, there would be a strong correlation between the two. Sometimes I am prompted in my head to ask, “But why are you doing this when you are so passionate about that?” It really brings to mind the Holstee Manifesto: