Gut Churn and the Creative Process

I had never heard of the 99% conference before – amazing to me, since I own a book that 99U published. It was a great book, too, about how to make creative ideas happen. Apparently, that is what 99U is all about.

Incidentally, it is called the 99% conference because:



The Brain Pickings article that I am featuring today contains a video from a 99% conference in which Jad Abumrad talks about the beginnings of his unique radio show format and how he and his collaborators came up with the format. In the video, Jad’s collaborator discusses “gut churn”, that feeling in your stomach that you get when you are doing something new that could go amazingly right – or horribly wrong. Jad discusses the biological foundation for “gut churn”, as well as how the feeling is beneficial to the creative process.

I hope you enjoy it.