The Process of “Chunking”

During the process of developing my workshop¬†Encouraging Creativity in the Classroom¬†(I’m still working on it right now – it should be available in a month or so), I was introduced to a process called “chunking”. I had never heard of this as a creative process before, and assumed that it was a term that the person who clued me into the process came up with. But then I ran into another Brain Pickings article that talked about the process and why it is such a powerful creative technique. It turns out that it wasn’t just a made up term after all.

Incidentally, the story about the man who increased his working memory by using exponential chunking is also detailed in the book Ungifted by Scott Barry Kaufman. It goes into much more detail about the methods that the man used over time. But no matter which version of the story you read, it is still fascinating stuff.

The Science of “Chunking”, Working Memory, and How Pattern Recognition Fuels Creativity