An In-Depth Look at Gever Tulley’s School

As I was trying to locate the video for yesterday’s post, I came across another video of Gever Tulley where he explains his school a little bit more. He details how talking about his school with others has helped him to conceptualize their processes a little more, and he talks more about those processes. I hope that you enjoy this video as much as I did.

The more I think about the model that is used in the school, the more impressed I am. My brain is already going into overtime with this one. Is yours?

Gever Tulley’s Tinkering School

In a past post, I talked about time, tools, and tolerance. I discussed these as things that we need to provide to children in order to encourage them to be creative. In this video, Gever Tulley talks about providing these very things to children in his school, and highlights some of the amazing accomplishments that they have made.


Do Schools Kill Creativity? Discovering Sir Ken Robinson

In a previous post, I mentioned the “Look at a Book” review that I did a few years ago. I am going to start doing these reviews again, because I really enjoy reading, and I really want to share the information with others. This month I will be doing a review on Sir Ken Robinson‘s book¬†Out of Our Minds: Learning to Be Creative.¬†

If you have not experienced Sir Ken Robinson, you are really missing out. This man has been researching creativity for a long time, and he really has a lot of interesting things to say. I highly recommend that you check out the video below to perhaps gain a new perspective on creativity.


I do not own or claim any rights to this video.