Why “Uplifting Freedom”?

My studies of the past few years have given me a vastly different view of freedom than the one I grew up knowing. The more I grow in my knowledge of the world around me, the more that view crystallizes and becomes clear.

The main focus of my studies has been child psychology, or more specifically the study of the cognitive development of children. I am fascinated by the process by which children grow and mature in their thinking, and I spend countless hours in independent studies. I am also attending school to get my associates degree in Early Childhood Education.

Throughout my studies and my pursuit of other interests, I have become aware that most people in this nation do not have the freedoms that they think they have. Our government is a huge, overblown entity that has overgrown its intended purpose, among other things. While these things are important to me and will be discussed from time to time on this blog, the most important group I advocate for is the children.

Ah, the children! How highly we esteem them, and yet how do we treat them? We say that they are our next generation of leaders and the world is open to every whim of their imagination, but yet, how do we treat them? We sit them at desks for eight hours a day, five days a week, nine and a half months of the year, for thirteen + years of their lives. They must conform to the ideas that we wish to put into their heads, and are not free to explore the ideas that they may think of for themselves. They are made to memorize, memorize, memorize, and test, test, test to make sure that they memorized the material correctly. Nevermind that they didn’t understand the material presented to them. They are only made to repeat, not to understand.

We are selling our children short, and I have made it a personal mission to study and implement new ways of teaching children that will allow them the freedom to explore their own ideas and learn from those explorations. Children can learn everything that they need to know throughout their lives by engaging in active exploration with facilitation by teachers. Our job, as teachers and education researchers, is to improve our children’s quality of life through the education that they receive at our hands. Will they be ready for the real world after they have sat at a desk for the majority of their childhood life?

Welcome to Uplifting Freedom. I hope that you enjoy it.

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